Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Minnie Mouse Extravaganza

The Minnie Mouse party was such a raging success, that it has taken me 3 months to even get the energy to blog about it...okay, I was also being lazy.  Okay, here it is!  All the fab details for my daughter's amazing Minnie Mouse extravaganza!!!  

A few yards of fabric, some 3M hooks and you have a fabulous and cheap backdrop.  I love using 3M strips and hooks for everything because there is no damage once the party is over.  I also love using  tissue paper pom poms in my decor...a lot of punch for pennies!  I order all of my tissue paper online from  

The bunting was made with my Cricut.  No, I didn't pay $80 for the disney cartridge.  I used the basic shapes cartridge to cut out circles, lots and lots of circles and then I glued them all together.  As my 3 year old would say, "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie."  

The big minnie mouse was made from cardboard and tissue paper.  Remember making those crafts with little squares of tissue paper, the eraser end of a pencil and some glue.  Yeah, I did that.  After halfway through I was regretting it. 
Lucky for me, I have found a wonderfully talented cookie lady.  She is great and made these super basic minnie cookies for me.  I got this wooden tray from and pained it white.  I added some pink krinkle paper from and it looked great!
 This cake was as good as it looks.  Thanks to Sugarbloom bakeshop in Downers Grove!  She is amazing and I use her for all of my cakes!  
 Some jars filled with color coordinated items can add some splash and fill up your dessert table
 These looked so easy on Pinterest.  Oreo Minnie Pops...super easy.  Not so much.  They were a huge pain in the ass and I would never recommend doing them, lol! Out of an entire package of oreos, this was all I could manage.  They were constantly breaking...but I was determined to get them on my dessert table.  
 Some fun containers from and some color coordinated candy from Party City.  Super cute!
 Jars on stands of varying heights add such a fun look to any dessert table!

 The finished product for the ears!  I wish I would have displayed them in a more fun way, but the day of the party, some things just have to give, lol!
 Adult Beverages.  We did a New Orleans food theme, so Hurricanes were definitely in order.  
 I finally had a party that required sunscreen and bug spray!  May birthdays are so unpredictable!
 Homemade bubbles from Pinterest.  This bubble station was a HUGE hit!  I used a recipe that called for glycerin instead of corn syrup.  I didn't like the idea of corn syrup because I figured it would attract bugs.  It worked great..except for one thing.  It KILLED the grass.  So, the week after the party, I had some resodding to do.  So, if you use the recipe with glycerin, use it on a hard surface :)
 I really wanted to make something special to welcome people to the party.  So, I made this homemade sign...and it was super easy.  I bought a circular piece of wood from Home Depot for around 3.00 and a piece of picket fence from Home Depot for about $1.00. Mr. Glue Gun was happy enough to attach the two together and I got to work.  I painted the entire sign pink and then printed and cut out the lettering (using a Disney font) and some white circles.  I modpodged them on the sign and it looked great.  I added two felt ears and it was done and done!  Cheap and personalized...two things this mom loves.   
 Kids food table.  I like to keep all of the kid friendly foods at a table within their reach.  
 Kids table
 Whenever I come up with a party theme...I am in charge of decor and Mr. Glue Gun is in charge of food.  Over the years, he has taken his part of the challenge more and more seriously.  He wants his food to be on par with the decor.  So, he always tries to come up with a food theme that ties into the theme or the characters.  This year, we did a New Orleans theme, complete with a crawfish boil.  
 Most times, there will be at least one dish that is the actual character...oh well, Donald was tasty!!  Shredded duck on individual pancakes with a cherry glaze.  

 Shrimp and Grits in individual cups...these were a huge hit!!!  People were begging for more!
 You can't have a Minnie/Mickey party without Hot Diggity Dogs!  

 The crawfish are done!  

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